Welcome to the official website of a blessed coastline facing Manila Bay and bound with rich seafoods of PUERTO RIVAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. May this site serves as a bond for many people who want to get closer look at the school near Balanga City.                     

As a school head, together with the dedicated and competent teachers, we are committed in providing our pupils with a combination of academic rigor and extracurricular excellence, while helping them to grow into children of good moral character and spiritual substance so we can pursue our mission and vision in providing quality education to individuals in realization of the City Government's Vision- Balanga City World University Town 2020. 

Through God's providence, we can produce young Filipino children with a positive attitude towards education so they can have a better future and can make great contributions to our beloved city. Our pupils mean the world to us. 

 Enjoy the opportunity to explore our website. I hope you will take the time to visit us in person and experience the serenity of our school.  


School Head