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  •  Post Oral Reading Test for Grade 1-6 will be on MAY  2021
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Word of the Day

         Welcome to the official website of Puerto Rivas Elementary School. 
     PRES is doing its very best of fulfilling its mission, “Providing Relevant and Quality Education to our
Learners” even in these trying times.

        Thus, our school website is redesigned, and focuses more on building lifelong learners who will meet the challenges of the future in innovative, fun, and caring ways.


        WE at PRES believe that you will find insightful information about our school as we created spaces for our programs, projects and activities which are geared towards the realization of the four (4) strategic directions established by our Schools Division:

·       Development of Productive Learners

·       Fostering Life-Long Learning Among Employees

·       Sustaining Inclusive Education through Strong Partnerships

·       Accreditation and Innovation in Governance

                         We would love to share with you our experiences of offering numerous, substantial opportunities to our learners and how committed we are in developing a supportive and collaborative school community.   As we continuously strive for excellence, we earnestly hope that you stay connected with us.


 .....Your comments and suggestions are welcome and highly appreciated for further improvement. Thank you for your unceasing support and we look forward to hearing from you  





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