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DCP Orientation Seminar

   The DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) was conducted last November 26-27, 2013 at Cupang Elementary School. Our efficient Principal, Mrs. Rufina E. Ramos and I, attended the seminar with enthusiasm.

Mr. Ernesto T. Robles Jr., ALS Supervisor/ICT Coordinator, headed the said workshop. He delivered the instructional and wisdom on improving and adopting the used of advance Information Communication Technology together with our supportive Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Ronaldo A. Pozon and Balanga City Supervisors. As a highlight for the E- Classroom School Awardees, he further focused on the Delivery Procedure/Acceptance/Inspection and Records.

The 26th day of November 2013, lectures was about the updates on DCP wherein, our ALS Supervisor focused on the uses of ICT/AVR/E-Classroom and its maintenance.

 He also reminded the importance of coordination and support of principals and ICT Coordinators for the effective and functional DCP of every school in the Division of Balanga City.

The lectures will not be completed without the participation and assistance of the BES Principal, Mrs. Jennifer de Guzman on her ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning, whereas she emphasized the implementation of the program to enhance the learning situation of the learners and the improvement of teacher’s performance on teaching as well as the positive used and outcomes of advance technologies.

For the love and concern of our division, the Division ICT Coordinator, Mr. Jose Dasig Jr. was assigned to intensify the training of School ICT Coordinators. He proffered the 

use and functions of The E-Classroom (Machine Specs, Software Bundles, Promethean Planet, Basic Trouble Shooting and Classroom Lay-out).

On the last day of our training was the hands-on updating of School Websites and LRMDS.

As a summary, the goal of the seminar was to make our Division achieved the goal to be World Class University Town.


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          The Re-orientation Seminar on Adopt –a- School Program (ASP) and Brigada Eskwela held at the AVR of Balanga Elementary School last January 29, 2014. It was participated by our efficient school Head Mrs. Rufina E. Ramos, Ptr. Jhun C. Abagon as our GPTA President & BE Coordinator (Miss Belinda M. Dizon).

      The seminar aims to give mobilization to the school, community & its linkages. To equipped us with skills & good public relations (PR) to     



 encourage the private sectors to be our partners in achieving quality education that every Filipino child needs to be educated.

        The DepEd City of Balanga, gave their effort to have a successful ASP & BE with our proficient SDS Dr. Ronaldo A. Pozon & tough EPS ALS/ICT Mr. Ernesto S. Robles Jr. In order to achieve excellence, they invited great speakers for the program.As an inspiration, one of speaker was the BNHS BE Coordinator & Hall of Fame Awardee Mrs. Virginia Enriquez,  gave her wisdom & expertise to have the support of community/ private sectors

along with the Principals (Mrs. Agnes Magdalera ,Mrs. Jennifer de Guzman) for further clarification, comprehensive ASP & BE for extensive development of the followinga. the Infrastructure, Physical Facilities, Furniture, & Real Estate, b. Learning Support, c. Health & Nutrition, d. Reading Program, e. Technology Support , f. Direct Assistance, g. Training & Development and h. Assistive Learning Devices for students with special needs and its benefits.

            Trulythe seminar was worth achieving for, that gave us insights to heighten our skills to encourage our valuable partners to invest on our school for the welfare of every pupil & acquire commendable learning as well as to plan ahead of time for Brigada Eskwela.


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This activities aim to recognize the stakeholders that support the different projects in school through financial and manual assistance . and our school was proud to have Mrs. Conchita Jaime, Mr. Mc Arthur Santos who willingly help in various project in our school.And Mr. Allan Banzon a former Federated PTA President who initiated the donation of Life Craft worth 500,000.00 through the ROUVIA ROAD Yacht Design.

In this Activity we also received the awards as 2013 BRIGADA ESKWELA BEST IMPLEMENTERS 2nd Place (Small School Category) and 2013 DIVISION SEARCH for the MOST INFORMATIVE and COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL WEBSITE, Champion (Small School Category) .Through the effort of ICT Chairperson Ms. Belinda M. Dizon. The latter part of the year 2013 was a good preparation for the PRES faculty to work hard and excel more for the year 2014.To God be the glory! 


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January 10, 2014, the YEAR-END RECOLLECTION AND TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY FOR DEPED PERSONNEL was conducted at Lou-is Restaurant in the City of Balanga. The said activities aimed to strengthen spiritual and communication to God, strengthen unity and camaraderie among DepEd Family.

          Whereas, the Teachers of Puerto Rivas Elementary School lend their ears, minds and hearts toward the renewal, acceptance and reflection of their past accomplishment to their self, work, students, family and community. To further reflect and collect their thoughts on their past mistakes and on how to deal and plan for the new year with positive attitudes.

We are lucky to have such precious gift for the beginning of the year, the wisdom and the words of God on how to be worthy for Him as servant for his good intentions. And behind all these, Msgr. Reggie Del Rosario was the man of God whom He favored to give and share what he wants us to be. Reflect to our deeds, the mistakes and never to return to bad habits, feel and renew ourselves to do our best for others.

He emphasized our noble work to reach-out, understand and love our pupils, co-workers and community. Always think for others not to be self-centered. He reminds us that in every accomplishment that we polished we did it as a whole, as a team not as an individual and in every decision that we made be responsible whether good or bad. As a result we can comply and accomplished anything at an early time if we look out for each other.

          Through these, it made us realized how important communication is, to God, family, pupils, environment and co-workers.



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