posted Apr 13, 2016, 9:51 PM by Belinda Dizon

Last September 16-18 , 2015 I attended the seminar, a project of COB DRRM to impart knowledge on how to be ready in a disaster . I was lucky to be one of the participants.

In this 3 days seminar , most of the participants came from the community . Baranggay Kagawad, Brgy, Tanod, 4P’s member , Senior Citizens , teachers etc.They were invited to this seminar so that they can impart all that they have learned on their members, neighbors, family and friends. This seminar is timely cause our country is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and we are prone to disaster like Typhoon, Flood , Earthquake and Fire. The seminar Composed of:

Ø  Module 1 – The Context of Disaster in the Philippines and the Importance of CBDRRM

Ø  Module  2 – Procedures in Practice  CBDRRM 

Ø  Module 3 – Preparedness , Prevention and Mitigation Tips

Ø  Module 4 - Mechanics in Response in Disaster , and Preparedness in Rehabilitation

Ø  Module 5 – Action Planning

This COB DRRM Project was really a big help in our community ,because the people in the community now  has the knowledge  and prepared in any disaster that will come .

To all the facilitators  Job well done !…..

                                                                                                                Prepared by:

                                                                                                                    MARICHIE N. ENRIQUEZ