DEWORMING 2015-2016

posted Feb 6, 2016, 8:09 AM by Belinda Dizon   [ updated Apr 13, 2016, 9:25 PM ]


January 27, 2016

            In response to the program of the Department of Health in Mass Deworming done January 27,2016 at 8:00 a.m., our  school was very grateful to  participate the  significant  activity  and achieve the goal of  producing an active and  healthy  children in the community of Puerto Rivas.  All teaching personnel and non- teaching personnel joined the program to promote the activity and encouraged every children for this matter.

       The implementation of massive deworming has been carefully done to ensure the safety of the children. The Stakeholders(GPTA Officers) of Puerto Rivas cooked and prepared “lugaw”

to avoid any adverse reactions that may happen in the case of children with insufficient intake of foods. It happened through the leaderships and guidance of our Barangay Health Workers and School Head, Mrs. Ana Maria I. Garcia. She also conducted a short meeting to give instructions to the teachers about the execution of the program. All class advisers informed all parents regarding the activity. Even the Health Workers and teachers were ensuring the safety of the children that everyone was in good health condition, have a heavy breakfast before taking the drugs.


       Our initiation of healthful program began in prayer.  Before the children took   the drug, the Health workers explained the meaningful purpose of the activity, to thwart immediately the growth of the intestinal parasitic worm infections which are causes of some of their health problems. They also spoke about the health benefits it can give to them including their progress in school.

         The 2nd round of National Deworming was successful because the total enrollees were dewormed through the help of Health Team of Puerto Rivas Ibaba.  They had a house to house visitation to talk to parents who are not agreeable to deworm their children.  The result was positive.  Parents were convinced to let their children deworm.

        No negative report has been received by the teachers after 8-10 hours of taking the drugs.

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