posted Nov 25, 2013, 7:35 AM by Belinda Dizon

             In support for the project of the City Government of Balanga which aims to help every family to develop strong spirituality and other corcerns related to family life, PUERTO RIVAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL conducted the Educhild Workshop for Parenting Program from July

         In this workshop we have five effective and excellent facilitators or speakers. And we also have ten to fifteen participants in each session.

          Pastor Erwin Ocampo and his wife Mrs. Cecille Ocampo was our first facilitators. They discussed two modules: The Modules that was assigned to them was “Moral and Spiritual Development of Children,” and the other one was “Managing Family Finances.” They discussed how to be financially productive not only to cope with the present situation but also to prepare one’s self for future needs. They also shared the importance of praying and serving as family.

          Our second speaker was Mr. Rollie Dizon. He discussed Module I entitled “Knowing Oneself” and Module II “Time Management.”His discussion was focused on the important tasks and how to avoid unimportant activities. he also gave good examples of activities on how to balance work and family time.  He inputs to the participants to use time wisely..

          Our third facilitator was Pastor Cris Ballester. The modules assigned to him was “Children’s Stages of Development and Communication” and “Positive 


Discipline.”He gave some tecniques on how to communicate effectively on children and he also gave some ways on how to disciplined children according to their age. 

        Mrs. Vilma Timbang was our fourth speaker. She tackled Module V and Module VI with the topics: “Dealing with Relatives and in-laws”and “” My Role as a Leader of My Family.” She discussed some technique on how to deal   properly and how you treat with your in-laws.

        Module IX “Emotional Management”and Module X “Chastity Education”was assigned to Mr. Villanueva. He discussed the emotional development stages of children  how children and how children deal with fears and anxieties.

           In this seminar, all our facilitators gave their best and shared their own experiences which are relevant to the modules assigned to them.

          All our participants were actively participated and they learned a lot regarding family life..